Modular houses

Advantages of modular houses:

Construction can be done at any time of the year, in any terrain and conditions of any degree of complexity.
Speedy construction.
Exemplary thermal isolation of structures with relatively thin walls.
Lightweight constructions reduce the load on the foundation, which allows building houses on different surfaces and limit the cost of the work.
A timber-frame house is reliable and is not affected by shifts in foundation due to the changing of seasons.
Relative simplicity of finishing. Surfaces of walls, floors and ceilings of timber-frame houses are perfectly straight, due to the construction of the house alone. All the connecting corners of walls/floors and walls/ceilings are perfect.
All communications – electrical cables and heating, water supply, sewerage and ventilation pipes – are hidden inside the construction of the frame.
The multi-purpose nature of wooden rafters allows using any interesting design solution when building the roof.
The roofing insulation and materials are selected based on the preferences and financial possibilities of the customer.
Technology allows us to build an attic on flat roofs. This adds architectural charm to the building and makes the house more economical.
The houses do not sink and finishing works are possible right after assembly. On the outside, the house can be lined with bricks, natural or artificial stone, metal or plastic linings, all types of wood. They can also be decorated in log house style or finished with decorative stucco or colours. A unique flare can be given with pillars, capitals or other elements. With modern technologies, there are no limits to the possibilities in interior finishing. The house can be customised with any architectural style or colour solution.
Such a house can be equipped with any type of heating and smoke extraction systems (fireplaces, stoves, etc.)
A reasonable harmony of thermal insulation, steam isolation and air permeability of walls has been achieved in timber-frame houses. The wood is treated with antiseptic and antipyretic agents to prevent rotting and wood-decay fungi – this has a positive effect on personal health.